Organization History

Help to Self Help Organization is a registered NGO based in Arusha – Tanzania. The organization was founded and established in 1993 by the people of Tanzania and Denmark to address the impact of economic hardships, urbanization and globalization, to curb the consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that have damaged the social fabric and resulted in an increase in the number of socially and economically marginalized women, youth and children.

Help to Self Help is a membership based and that gives the organization a constituency to whom it is accountable and from which it draws its legitimacy and mandate.

The organization has 11 Board members who serves as governing board by offering their technical expertise in their relevant professional capacities.

Formerly back in 1993 the center started as a small project with a small office. The beneficiary were trained on tailoring, tie and dye, handcrafts, embroidery and provided with working tools at the completion of their training to help them generate income.

In 1995 the project expanded and two more programs were introduced; mobile clinic and women empowerment development groups. The mobile clinics focused on provision of health education to society concerning diseases, water and sanitation. Women were mobilized into small groups in the villages. The project covers areas of Arusha region include; Manyire, Nduruma, Likamba, Monduli and in Kilimanjaro region were; Same, Mwanga, Kibosho, Machame, Mailisita and Chekereni.

In 1997 the projects expanded further and introduced another program known as small schools. This program dealt with children in nursery school level which were established in remote areas. The project provided teachers with relevant training, educational materials and gave them allowance to support their activities. 

Organization also constructed and build nursery schools to this effect in Arusha region; Muungano, Likamba, Nduruma, Manyire and Majengo. In Kilimanjaro region; Chekereni.

In 1999 the idea to start vocational college emerged. There was a need to expand the training to accommodate more groups of people especially youth. Therefore the training started with female students in tailoring, handcrafts and cookery course.

In 2003 the organization found it is inevitable to acquire its own premise and develop a more organized form of running the programs. The tailoring and cookery course was expanded and electrical course was introduced. This includes both full time and short time program.

The organization is in the growth stage with full functioning of VETA system. The vocational is currently looking to EVOLVE further its different courses and some programmatic interventions;

  • Tailoring to Fashion and Designing in a Global touch
  • Introducing Rural electrification and renewable energy
  • Introducing a Digital Library that offers a wide range of technical and vocational reading materials.
  • Introducing Leather Technology and the making of various leather products.


Our Mission is to empower the community through technical and vocational skills for self-reliance, sustainable socio economic projects and capacity building initiatives gained towards improved health.

Help to Self Help Organization envision an enlightened society free of ignorance, poverty and disease incidences with sustainable livelihood.

Therefore Help to Self Help is dedicated to equip and empower the socially and economically marginalized poor of the poorest emphasizing on Women, Youth, Children and disabled persons with the means of self-reliance through support, training and networking.


Our main GOAL is to build the community capacity in coping with problems related to poverty through programs activities that aim at strengthening and supporting their responses and reduce vulnerability to poverty.

Our KEYS for Community Service: We believe in:

  • Desire for Excellence
  • Motivation
  • Trust and confidence build-up Integrity
  • Collective responsibility and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Transparency & Accountability Commitment
  • Adding values to the community we serve.

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